Don't wake me up,
'cause I hate who I am today.







When you and your best friend hate the same person


people are starting to get out of control with the use of gay porn gifs

Except it’s a pencil???


Who did this

what the fuck is that

Teach me the world.  


Phan | PG-13 | 1957 
Phil is blind, Dan shows him how colors feel like. 

Phil was addicted to the sound of Dan’s voice. On the phone in the morning. Or close to his ear in the middle of the night when he was crying, when Dan wrapped his arms around him and let soothingly words come out of his mouth. Or when he was singing, always fooling around with the melodies and high-pitched tones. No matter what Dan said or did, Phil was listening, his ears not focused on anything but him. 

They have been dating for three months now and for Phil, it was not imaginable how Dan could’ve even given him the chance to get to know him better. Phil wasn’t that kind of person who could see someone’s facial expressions in all-day situations, and surely not the person who could tell how a person felt just by looking at them. Facing it, Phil would never be able to look at Dan and look into his eyes or just watch him sleep. He never thought that being blind could bother him so much. 

Dan told him his eyes were brown. Phil kept trying to imagine what kind of color this was, how it looked an especially how it felt like, without success. At school he learned that most of his classmates could at least dream in colors, but he couldn’t. All his dreams were in black and white and he thought that, maybe, if he could see all of this in his dreams, it wouldn’t hurt him that much. 

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peacocks look like they speak french


i swear this entire website is on drugs


Should’ve known you was trouble from the first kiss

had your eyes wide open


why were they open?